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Forum for Indian Science Diplomacy

Science and Technology advances have transformed the world and impacted every person in manifold ways. The expansion of human scientific and technological knowledge continues to accelerate, limited only by resource constraints, human and financial. The frontier areas of research are growing in size like the surface of an expanding bubble. The impact of new knowledge has been profound and game changing within countries and also on the international system and the relations between its constituents.

This situation throws up numerous challenges and opportunities in diverse areas ranging across sustainable development, economic competitiveness, peace and security, management of global resources and commons, impact on society, and human activity in outer space. Policy makers and the public are constantly challenged by new scientific advances that spread rapidly across the globe with impacts that are difficult to foresee. In this situation, there is a need for science diplomacy, which seeks to integrate science and technology into foreign policy and public policy, diplomacy and management of international relations.