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ITEC Programme on Science Diplomacy

Course Contents And Themes

This 2-week course is designed for participants interested in issues related to Science, and Technology (S&T) and innovation, S&T and international affairs, and S&T and South-South Co-operation. The course will enable them to understand the role of Science Diplomacy in foreign policy and strategy, use and benefit from Science Diplomacy and help in leveraging the S&T capacity in the respective countries in engagement with other countries, regional and multi-lateral institutions and global organizations including UN and other finding agencies. The course includes lectures, case studies, self study and group discussions and field visits. Back ground materials and resources for reading and learning will be provided to all participants by RIS. 

In 2019, the Science Diplomacy course was attended by 36 participants from 27 countries, representing academicians, diplomats, practitioners and research scholars. The course showcased some of the contemporary themes in the realm of science diplomacy, including digital economy, Artificial Intelligence, E-governance as well as issues in emerging biotechnologies, related to access benefit sharing, IPR and debates in gene editing. The details of the course, can be accessed at RIS-ITEC Course on Science Diplomacy 2019

For Previous Years' ITEC Science Diplomacy course :

RIS-ITEC Course on Science Diplomacy
 8 - 19 January, 2018
RIS-ITEC Course on Science Diplomacy
9 - 20 January, 2017

Modalities of Science Diplomacy at Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Levels

There are various engagements between the countries at the levels of bilateral, regional and multilateral on various issues related to science, technology and innovation (STI). It is important to assess the significance of science diplomacy in these levels of engagement for leveraging mutual gains. Science diplomacy has a significant role to play in the conception and implementation of the various agreements and protocols. The sub-themes within this would be:

Institutional Framework and Role of Science Diplomacy: What role could Science Diplomacy play in improving international institutional framework?
 International Agreements and Protocols: How could Science Diplomacy help in putting forth national stand in various international agreements and protocols related to STI issues?
 International STI Issues and Science Diplomacy: Science Diplomacy and its Linkages with Innovation Systems: How is Science Diplomacy linked to the national and international innovation systems?


Graduation and above with working knowledge of English language.

The course is open to government officials, diplomats, academicians, researchers and journalists from the developing and transition economies, dealing with international economic and developmental policy issues and/or science, technology and innovation issues, particularly science counselors or attaches dealing with science and technology.

Experience with diplomatic assignments related to S&T/ Experience with South-South Cooperation (SSC)/ North-South Cooperation (NSC) is desirable but not a must for prospective participants. 


The Programme covers return travel of the participants between his/her home country and India, accommodation, living allowance, book allowance etc., as per the rules governing ITEC/SCAAP Programme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Further details can be viewed from the ITEC website: www.itec.mea.gov.in


Interested candidates should apply on a prescribed form to the Indian Missions in their home countries, together with a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a brief proposal on how this course could be useful for their work. Application Form can be downloaded from the ITEC website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Course Director

Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi 
Director General , RIS
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Email: dgoffice@ris.org.in

For any queries related to the course, please contact:
Mr. Mahesh C. Arora
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