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As part of its ongoing research studies on Science &Technology and Innovation, RIS together with the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore has launched a major project for Science Diplomacy this year, which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology. The programme was launched on 7 May 2018 at New Delhi.

The key objective is to realize the potential of Science Diplomacy by various means, including:

  • ♦   Capacity building in science diplomacy
  • ♦   Developing networks and
  • ♦   Science diplomacy for strategic thinking.

The program envisages leveraging the strengths and expertise of Indian Diaspora working in the field of S&T to help the nation meet its agenda in some select S&T sectors.


Under this programme it is proposed to conduct many activities such as:

  • ♦   Capacity building programmes in Science Diplomacy for Science Counselors and Indian diplomats
  • ♦   SWOT analysis of India’s efforts on Science Diplomacy and produce a policy relevant output on strengthening and          deepening Science Diplomacy;
  • ♦   Directories and databases on institutions, scientists and technocrats of Indian origin in selected fields of science            and technology and their expertise;
  • ♦   Organising visits and lectures by experts and practitioners of Science Diplomacy, from abroad;
  • ♦   Identifying avenues for using Science Diplomacy in selected countries and in groupings such as IBSA, BRICS;
  • ♦   Developing linkage with organizations involved in science diplomacy such as AAAS, Royal Society and academic               institutions doing research on science diplomacy and S&T and international affairs;
  • ♦  Identifying best practices and programs in Science Diplomacy and develop programs and practices for India in                   Science Diplomacy;
  • ♦   Initiating an advanced S&T alert system for use by Science departments and Science Counsellors;
  • ♦   Conducting research to link Science Diplomacy with trade, economic policies and programmes, particularly in                   overseas development assistance
  • ♦   Undertake research on linking science diplomacy with public diplomacy, communication about India in foreign                  countries and how science diplomacy can further the objectives of foreign policy.
    ♦   RIS has already been organising training courses in Science Diplomacy, under the ITEC programme of the Ministry of       External Affairs, for personnel from developing countries, in 2017 and 2018, and the next such course will be held       in January 2019.

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